About Joe

Joe Crevino has been everything from a Division-I college football player to Mayor of his town in New Jersey to professor at NYU to President of a software development company. When his wife Mary decided to start a chocolate company, Joe soon realized that he too had decided to start a chocolate company. Since 2001, he and Mary have owned the award winning Sweet Mary’s Exceptional Chocolates; a mom and pop chocolate company located in southern New Jersey.


In true Joe Crevino fashion, he’s amassed an abundance of chocolate knowledge and expertise, and has created a diverse and helpful pipeline of manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. His rolodex is a veritable who’s who in the chocolate/confection industry.


For the past several years, ChocoVision clients have been fortunate that Joe is available to assist with any and all aspects of chocolate tempering and candy making issues. Consider him a one-stop resource for starting, running and making profitable your candy business as well.


Battling the health board? Can’t find your signature taste? Joe has been there, and if hasn’t, he knows somebody that has and can help you. JC presents chocolate-related classes and seminars all over North America, quickly developing cult status within the chocolate world as a go-to guy for chocolate nightmares and mishaps.


Fullback, Mayor, President, professor are just some of Joe’s past monikers, but for the past eight years, he’s been know as Chocolatier Joe and the (chocolate) world has been a better place for it.