Delta Enrober

Part Number: Enrober USA/International:C116ENROBER#10D

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ChocoVision’s Delta Enrober is a moving, 4-inch-wide stainless-steel belt that passes through a flowing curtain of tempered chocolate designed to fit atop our (10-17 lb. capacity) Revolation Delta chocolate tempering machine. The chocolate curtain is provided by the ChocoVision Skimmer (sold separately). As your ganaches, cookies, pralines, pretzels, bars, etc. travel on the enrober, they will become completely chocolate-covered, bottom included. Increase productivity while maximizing the consistency of your products with this enrober at a fraction of the cost of most others. This unit is constructed of two easy-to-disassemble sections, making cleanup simple.

Price: $2,035.00

Electronics: 110 V 25" L, 4.5" W, 5.5" H (9" with Hopper) 3lbs. (without motor)

•Stainless steel, food-safe conveyer belt (6” wide)

•Customizable guides •Multiple chocolate design stencils (3)

•Variable belt speed

• Full coating of product; top and bottom

•Easy to disassemble and clean

Includes: Enrober intake section, Enrober hopper, Enrober motor, Enrober coating section, Enrober exit section, Enrober gear cover, Variable speed power supply, Gear cover mounting knobs, Enrobing pattern inserts