Revolation 3Z

Revolation 3Z
Product Details  

Capacity: 30 lbs (45 lbs with Holey Baffle)
Dimensions: 23.5"W x 23"L x 8.5"H
Weight: 45.00
Electronics: 110 Volts, 1300 Watts and 10 Amps
1 bowl, 1 solid baffle, 1 holey baffle, instruction manual, 1 dipping tool, 3 pack of scrapers, 1 baffle brush, set of knobs, 1 cover, and 1-year warranty on internal parts and labor (removable parts excluded).

Price: $3899.00
Part Number: C116REV3Z110V

Product Description
The Revolation 3Z can produce 30 lbs of perfectly tempered chocolate at a time. Your facility can generate 150+ lbs of chocolate per day, with the efficient yet simple controls. The 3Z's user-friendly display screen makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. As always, our unit uses forced hot air as its heat source. NO LIGHTBULBS, NO HOT WATER BATHS.