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Ah! Some Chocolates

Ah! Some Chocolates is a chocolate lover’s dream, housed in the Back Mountain area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Founded by Chocolatiers Mary L. Hepner and Theresa M. Novak in 2005, Ah! Some Chocolates combines great chocolate, a bit of talent and a lot of dedication to give their customers a sensory experience that is vividly memorable.


They began by making hand-dipped chocolates to raise funds for Northeastern Pennsylvania Choral Society. With hard work, passion and the ability to create mouth-watering chocolates, Ah! Some Chocolates has built a successful local and internet business that exemplifies the enthusiasm they have for making chocolate. Their café is located in Shavertown, PA and provides a cozy setting for all chocolate lovers.


"We wanted it to be a comforting place, a getaway, that other place, that sense of community where you could go, sort of hang out and have something that wouldn’t break the bank," Hepner said.

Ah! Some Chocolates manufactures artisan and hand-rolled truffles using specialty and single origin chocolates. They produce an extensive line of products including bark, bars, smore’s, non-pareils, cookies, biscotti, etc., but they may be best known for their Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars. Whatever the product, customers always seem, satisfied after visiting Ah! Some Chocolates, “The look on people's faces when eating our chocolates and chocolate desserts - and their response to us is always ....awesome!” says co-owner Theresa Novak.

The pair uses local farmers to supply the eggs, milk and other ingredients used in their artisan chocolates and cafe selections because they also feel it’s important to support the local community. Their menu changes frequently so they can offer foods using the seasonal ingredients

"We add only pure ingredients. There is very little sugar. There are no fillers. It is really pure ingredients," Hepner said.

Building a small business from with ground up is an extremely tough task these days; one many wouldn’t have the determination to do more than once— Ah! Some Chocolates is NOT one of them. When asked if they would do it all over again the answer was a simple “Yes.”


It is our pleasure and passion to serve something in which people take great pleasure and about which people are very passionate. That something is chocolate. An added bonus is that the people in the chocolate industry are the nicest, talented and most creative people you could ever want to know,” said Novak.

ChocoVision is proud to provide chocolate tempering equipment to aid Ah! Some Chocolates to produce mouth-watering chocolate. In speaking about the Revolation X3210 Novak says, “If you want to do a quick job or an all day job this machine delivers. It is affordable and reliable. There is a wonderful support staff for problem solving. The machines are work horses— they go all day and meet our production demands. It is easy to clean and safe to use. It is also user friendly especially when instructing novices. It is dependable and gives a good temper result for any level chocolatier. Without it - we are not...”

Ah! Some Chocolates

100 East Overbrook Road

Shavertown , PA 18708

(570) 674-0178

Wed. to Sat. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Additonal hours available by appointment.



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